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How to Grow Succulents From Seeds

By Lesley Wilson November 30, 2023

Simple Steps - How to grow succulents from seeds

First of all, succulents are amazingly unique and interesting plants that come in so many sizes, shapes and colors. They are also easy to take care of and require relatively less watering when they are planted correctly.

How to grow succulents from seeds

While finding already growing potted succulent plants to purchase isn't difficult to do, there are some varieties that are expensive and hard to find so starting with seeds will save you money and give you lots of beautiful plants.

Growing succulents from seeds can be a wonderful and satisfying  process. And since it does require patience and attention to detail, here's a step-by-step guide on how to grow succulents from seeds:

  1. 1. Obtain good quality succulent seeds: If you if you have your own succulents, you can get them from mature plants that have produced their own seeds. Or, you can purchase succulent seeds from reliable sources like garden centers and online seed suppliers.

    There are many high quality seeds available on Amazon

  2. 2. Gather the following items:

    • Seed-starting tray or small pots

    • Well-draining potting mix (cactus or succulent soul mix).  Available on Amazon

    • Transparent plastic cover or plastic wrap

    • Spray bottle or misting sprayer

    • Grow lights or a sunny location

  3. 3. Prepare the planting containers: Fill the seed-starting tray or small pots with the succulent potting mix, leaving a small space at the top. Succulents require well-draining soil, so make sure the mix you choose is appropriate for them.

  4. 4. Sow the seeds: Sprinkle the succulent seeds evenly over the soil surface. Succulent seeds are tiny and can take , so be careful not to sprinkle them too densely. Very lightly press the seeds into the soil using a clean finger or a small tool. Be careful not to cover the seeds with soil.

  5. 5. Provide moisture: Mist the soil surface gently using a spray bottle or misting sprayer to provide the moisture. Avoid overwatering, as excessive moisture can lead to seed rot. Then check the soil regularly and only mist when it starts to dry out.

  6. 6. Cover the container: Place a transparent plastic cover or plastic wrap over the container to create a mini-greenhouse effect. This helps retain moisture and creates a humid environment for the seeds to develop and sprout.

  7. 7. Provide light: Succulent seeds require bright but indirect light to germinate. Place the seed container in a location that receives bright, filtered sunlight, or you can use artificial grow lights to provide the necessary illumination. Ensure that the temperature is within the optimal range for the seed germination, which is typically between 70-85°F (21-29°C).

  8. 8. Be patient: Succulent seeds can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to germinate. So be patient and maintain the consistent environment that will grow the seeds.

  9. 9. Remove the cover: Once the seeds have germinated and tiny succulent seedlings have developed, remove the plastic cover to allow for air circulation. At this stage, the seedlings are still very delicate, so be careful not to let them get damaged.

  10. 10. Care for the seedlings: As the seedlings grow, continue to provide them with the bright light and manage a slightly moist but not waterlogged soil. Water from the bottom by placing the container in a tray of water and allowing the soil to absorb moisture from bottom up. This prevents water from accumulating on the leaves, which can lead to their rot.

  11. 11. Transplanting: When the seedlings have developed a few sets of true leaves and are large enough to handle, they can be transplanted into individual pots with the well-draining succulent soil. Gradually adjust the seedlings to the new growing conditions by increasing their exposure to direct sunlight over a period of a few days.

  12. 12. Continued care: As your wonderful little succulents grow, provide them with proper care, including sufficient light, well-draining soil, and regular needed watering (allowing the soil to dry out between waterings). Over time, they will mature into beautiful, fully-grown succulent plants.

Remember, growing succulents from seeds can be a bit of a slow process, but with patience and care, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of watching them grow and thrive and bless you with more succulents!

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